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Litigation Group Secures Supreme Court Judgment in Law Firm Partnership Dispute Over Partner Loan

David Lazer of the Firm’s Litigation Practice Group recently secured a significant judgment for a client against a law firm partnership and its surviving partner, who resides and practices law in Florida. The client loaned money to the partnership at the request of his then-attorney, the New York-based partner in the partnership. After loaning the partnership hundreds of thousands of dollars over several years, purportedly secured by a mortgage on the home of the New York attorney, that attorney committed suicide, leaving an unpaid balance on the client’s loans of more than a quarter-million dollars. The client also discovered that the loans were never secured with a mortgage on the attorney’s home; the attorney had forged the his wife’s signature on mortgage documents, pulled the equity out of his home and spent it for his own ends. The Firm commenced an action in New York State Supreme Court against the law firm partnership for failing to repay the loans. After the defendant law firm defended the case throughout, it failed to appear for trial and a default judgment was obtained. The Firm’s attorneys conducted a trial on damages, winning a total judgment for the client in excess of $400,000, including $60,000 in legal fees and costs. Through our Florida office, the Firm converted the client’s New York judgment into a Florida judgment in order to pursue the surviving partner in that state.