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Pro Bono Matter: Settlement with Town on Re-Levy of Omitted Taxes Based on Loss of Veteran’s Exemption on the Property

Robin S. Abramowitz of the Firm’s Litigation Practice Group successfully settled with the Town Assessor after filing a petition to strike from the client’s tax bill over $12,000 of real estate taxes re-levied based on the loss of the Veteran’s exemption.  The re-levy of taxes was retroactively applied by the Town for more than the immediately preceding year  in violation of the Real Property Law. The matter was handled on a pro bono basis when a senior citizen received notice of the re-levy of taxes in excess of $12,000 which would have caused her to default on the payment of her real estate tax bill.

Successful on Motion for Summary Judgment on both Liability and Damages in Action Against Former Commercial Tenant for Rent and Use and Occupancy Where Defendant Claimed it Was Constructively Evicted and There Was No Agreement as to Amount of Use and Occupancy When Lease Term Expired

Robin S. Abramowitz of the Firm’s Litigation Practice Group was successful on plaintiff’s motion for summary judgment where defendant opposed the motion on the basis that it was constructively evicted and that there was no agreement as to the amount of use and occupancy. The court found that (i) plaintiff made a prima facie showing of entitlement to judgment for rent, use and occupancy, real estate taxes and late fees in the form of business records; (ii) defendant failed to raise any triable issues of fact as the plaintiff’s submission established defendant remained in possession beyond the lease term; and (iii) for the recovery of use and occupancy there is an implied continuance of the tenancy on the same terms and subject to the same covenants as contained in the original lease.

Firm Attorneys Closed a $6,840,000.00 sale of a 76 Unit Residential Townhome Complex in North Charleston, South Carolina

Matt Lamstein and Tara Primis of the Firm’s Real Estate Practice Group closed the sale of a 76 unit residential townhome complex in North Charleston, South Carolina at a purchase price of $6,840,000.00. Mr. Lamstein and Ms. Primis represented the Seller on the sale and like-kind exchange structure and transactions. The transaction involved the successful disposition of the property for a client who had purchased the same less than two (2) years ago.