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Banking Litigation

Our banking litigation attorneys have expertise in a wide range of lending issues and are known for their professionalism, tenacity and attention to detail. We represent lenders and investors in the prosecution and defense of complex disputes, including bankruptcy proceed¬ings, commercial foreclosures and class actions, filed in the state and federal courts of New York, New Jersey and Florida. In addition, we have considerable experience in litigating all kinds of commercial cases, including those cases that fall within a variety of sections of the Uniform Commercial Code. We have successfully recovered collateral such as automobiles, boats, printing equipment and other personal property for our clients.

We also have extensive experience in conducting loan “workouts” and negotiating debt restructures. Often, in an effort to keep a business operating, we assist our clients by engaging in a loan workout which is one way to modify debt obligations without resorting to litigation or bankruptcy. In this process, the loan workout may sometimes result in an agreement that permits for making payments under a matured loan or an agreement where the lender agrees to forbear from exercising certain rights for a specified period of time. The loan workout can be utilized to change a payment term and/or interest rate or can result in a discounted payoff. Through the workout process, it is our goal to assist clients, and their borrowers, to keep the loan on a paying basis without incurring the time and expense of litigation or bankruptcy.

Finally, we also provide our clients guidance in a variety of lending, securitization, collection and bankruptcy matters which pertain to both savings and commercial institutions.

Joseph C. Savino

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Jennifer L. Silvestro

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Robin S. Abramowitz

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Todd M. Gardella

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Amber Curtis

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Brian M. Streicher

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Nicholas A. Savino

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